Toni Theisen-Loveland High School:
William West- Loveland High School (student teacher) UNC:

"Integrating Technology to Enhance Communication in the Three Modes"

Our 21st century learners need a multi-sensory learning environment that is designed to inspire creativity, synthesis, and collaboration, as well as provide opportunities to analyze, reflect and evaluate. Using demonstration, screencasts and discussion, participants will examine tech tools such as word clouds, google docs, backchannels and movie making programs, that enhance communication in all three modes: interpersonal, interpretive and presentation.

  1. Introduction and Activities-audience participation
  2. Model an integrated performance assessment (IPA)
  3. Standards and the Three Modes of Communication
  4. Technology and the three modes-sites, activities and strategies
  5. Handout:
  6. Powerpoint

Participate during this session:
  1. Polleverywhere:Use you cell phone to text response. (How frequently do you integrate technology to enhance instruction?)
  2. Post a comment on Twitter: #ccflt11
  3. Today's Meet Chat Room: Leave your comments, thoughts and links:
  4. Wallwisher: Leave your comments. reflections, ideas in this wall. Double and type.

Backwards Design


I. Opening Video-Interpretive phase task
US Boys Video-Jena Lee

II. Interpersonal Phase Task
With a partner discuss the stereotypes and indicate which ones are true or false. Elaborate.
III. Presentational Phase Task
Choice 1:Create a video about your school to clear up the stereotypes and give a true view of an American school. Choice 2: Create a video about school in France; Choice 3: Your choice

Using Technology to Enhance Instruction: Resources and Examples
  1. World LanguagesTechnology Wikispace
  2. Toni Theisen conference wikispace
  3. ACTFL Tech 2010
  4. ACTFL Webinar 2010 Theisen
  5. ACTFL World Languages P-12 Skills Map
  6. Thompson K-5 Spanish
  7. Thompson School District World Languages Curriculum
  8. WL-Thompson School District Tech
  9. Becoming: A Collaborative Project
  10. LHS-BestBuy Collaborative Wiki

Toni Theisen's wikispaces for classes and activities
  1. LHS French classes
  2. LHS French Devoirs
  3. French4Students'wikispaces as their online portfolios
  4. LHSfrenchprojects
  5. Loveland, CO-La Réole,France
  6. Loveland, CO-Matamata, New Zealand French wiki
  7. Les Jeux Olympiques
  8. Global Valentine Project
  9. Global competency

Interpersonal Mode-Some Suggested tools to faciliate Interpersonal Communication

Voxopop Talkgroups



GoAnimate4Education Le weekend by Toni Theisen

Like it? Create your own at GoAnimate4Schools. It's free and fun!



Wordle to interpret

Google Art Project:virtual visit inside famous museums
Google Maps in different languages



Video Issues

Download online videos with is a tool which gives you the ability to download videos from streaming video sites. You can download videos from Youtube, Google Videos, Metacafe and more in FLV, AVI, MOV, MPG or WMV formats.

YouTube Problems?

Called VuSafe, it’s a free website that lets educators search for relevant video content from YouTube and other sources, add video clips from these sources to an online library, and then share these clips with their students—without the inappropriate ads, comments, or outside links that might accompany them.





Digital Storytelling
Jing, Animoto, PhotoPeach, Mixbook, Issuu, storyjumper, Voicethread, Fotobabble, FaceinHole, Voki,Piclits, Glogster,

Storybird Set up student accounts and let them go! Storybird allows students (and adults) to use the illustrations on their site, that are updated often, to create pictures books. You choose the pictures, you write the text, and you share it with the world...or the classroom.

Lots of Storybird stories in French, Spanish, German (to use as reading sources)

Talking Pictures

Face in Hole and Blabberize combined



How to make a Piclits: PicLits How to for presentation.doc

Piclit-Est-il vrai que je sois comme ça


Digital posters: Glogster EDu

Bubblr Le TGV Bubblr Une visite by MmeT

Like it? Create your own at It's free and fun!

Voki Avatars for education

Create a video in minutes! Like Animoto, Flixtime allows you to add pictures, videos and text to create a fun, professional looking video. Students can show what they know with this quick and easy tool.

Minicast podomatic


Aminoto for education
Animoto-Paris de William West

Liberté-Paul Eluard Animoto-Français III

IPA america boys song/discussion about school/video about your school

Extras to explore
Google Docs
Google Forms
Google Template
Google sketchup

Do You Have These 11 Traits of Highly Creative People? Check it out.

Just interesting stuff

Justin Bieber Speaks French (un peu)

Charlemagne-the story

William the Conqueror

The French Revolution-Lady Gaga

BrainPop Français
BrainPop Español